HelloFresh Week: Fruity Lebanese Lamb

Now this one surprised me. We swapped one of the dishes out of the plan for this one, and it was a bit of a gamble. I don’t really know why we doubted it, because it really was just so tasty. Honestly this whole HelloFresh week has just been amazing!! Again, pictures are smaller than I would like them to be, but hey ho! The colours that came out of this one at the end were so bright and tasty, and there was so many flavours in one dish! It kind of tasted like a kebab, but now where near as fattening! As all of them have been, it was really easy to make, but we did notice that it took slightly longer. Then again, it does tell you the prep time on the front of the card you get, and this one was one of the longer ones. So, here’s how it went, if you’re ever looking for something different to make, this is the dish to try!

In our little bag of goodies was an onion, tomato puree, bulgur wheat, shawarma seasoning, chicken stock pot, ground cumin, flat leaf parsley, and dried apricots. I also needed to fetch the lamb mince, a garlic clove, pomegranate seeds, natural yoghurt, and the carrots out of the fridge. It all looked funky and new, I love all of these flavours that the HelloFresh meals are making me try! Well, and my fuss pot of a boyfriend.

So, first of all we had to preheat the oven, and chop up the onion (I cried tears of onion and made my boyfriend do it… he also cried). Then I had to grate the onion, and chop the ends off the carrots and cut them into batons about the size of an index finger. My measurements were no good, but I don’t think it matters too much about being accurate. Then I had to roughly chop the parsley, and chop the dried apricots. It made one colourful looking chopping board! Then, I lined a baking tray with baking paper, and lined the carrots up. The cumin was poured over the carrots…. not very evenly to begin with, and oil was drizzled over. One thing I will comment is that the instructions tell you to toss the carrots… how can this be done on a baking tray!? So we used our hands to flip them all individually a few times. Definitely think it would be easier to put the carrots in a bower, pour the cumin in, then drizzle the olive oil and flip them! In the oven they went anyway!

The bulgar wheat was pretty easy to do. All that was needed was a bit of water brought to the boil, the bulgar wheat added with half of the chicken stock pot, and a lid put over the top. It was then taken off the stove and left until ready to eat! As well as this, the lamb mince started cooking in a frying pan. Once browned and the fat drained, it was time to add the onion and some salt and pepper. Once the onion was soft, the garlic, tomato puree, and shawarma seasoning was added. After another minute of cooking, another bit of water was added, along with the rest of the stock pot and the apricots. That was left to cook for around 5 minutes until it was nice and thick.

Then, I used a fork to fluff up the bulgar wheat, halved it into two bowels, and added the mince on top! The carrots were place around the edge, pomegranate seeds sprinkled over, as was the parsley. A splash of natural yoghurt went on top, and it was ready to eat! My OCD is going mad that I didn’t notice one of the carrot sticks was out of place in the photo… but oh well! Here’s what it looked like. Can’t fault the dish, the flavours all worked so well together, I ate it so quick I had indigestion… that’s how good it tasted!

Not sure if that picture quality is the best, but it was so pretty, colourful, fruity, tasty… the list could go on!! Tomorrow’s dish will be the mixed pepper fusili. It looks really yummy, but basic compared to the ones we have had. Off I go to start cooking it!

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