HelloFresh Week: Garlic Prawns

This was just simply amazing. I really doubted it to begin with because i’m so fussy about fish, and as a rule I don’t like prawns, and neither does my other half. But we selected it to come in the box because we like garlic dishes, and thought it would push us out of our food comfort zone (McDonald’s & takeaway’s). And we’re so glad that we did! The dish was full of flavour, again, it was so easy to make, and it really didn’t take too long. I can’t take all the credit for these dishes, as my boyfriend does do some of the chopping. More than he usually would help out… he’s my sous-chef. So, here’s what we had to do for the meal. The pictures are even worse than yesterday 🙁 I tried to use Snapchat to see if it would make the images any better, but it has made them smaller 🙁 So today’s and tomorrow’s post won’t be the best. This is just a fail!  I’m getting an SD card for my new camera which should give better pictures for posts I do in the future! So, here goes! I did better at the remembering to take pictures side of things this time.

Like this first one, it came in a cute bag filled with some of the ingredients. It came with potatoes, flat leaf parsley, roasted walnuts, red onion, cherry tomatoes, garlic cloves and rocket. In the bigger bag in the fridge were the prawns and hard Italian cheese.

The first step involved peeling and chopping the potatoes. The oven was preheated to 200 degrees, and a deeper baking tray was filled with a layer of oil and popped in. The potatoes were boiled for a short amount of time, then put in the baking tray and into the oven. Be warned, adding the potatoes does cause a spit, and it does hurt!. Then, I had to finely chopping the parsley and walnuts. I did bash them in the bag this time, chopping them finely is just too hard in my opinion. There’s walnuts pinging all over the room! Then, I had to pop them into a bowl, along with the Italian hard cheese and some olive oil. I put a little bit more than recommended in to make it extra tasty. Then I had to season with salt and pepper. This homemade pesto was hands down the best bit!!

Next was cutting the red onion into small pieces, grating the garlic which I chose to use an extra clove of (i’m a garlic addict!). Then the cherry tomoatoes were chopped in half and seasoned with a little salt and pepper. A frying pan was heated with a splash of oil, and in went the onion and garlic. The garlic wasn’t meant to go in here, not sure if it made a difference to the meal! When the onion had browned, it was time to add the tomatoes and prawns. The prawns should have took a few minutes to cook, but mine seemed to take ages! Not sure if I was something I did, but I got bored of waiting for the pink colour to appear, so I decided it was done. They can’t have been bad anyway, I feel fine today! The tomatoes went a bit more mushy than probably they were supposed to, but I liked it! Then, it was time to take the mini roast potatoes out the oven and dish them up. I put halved the rocket, and adding the food from the frying pan. Then, I scooped the amazing walnut pesto over the dish, and it was ready to eat. This beats the chicken dish just because I felt there were more flavours, but it was slightly harder to cook! Would definitely recommend giving this dish a go! Here’s the finished product. Pictures don’t do it justice, I wish I had a better quality one!!

It was so much more colourful in real life 🙁 So, sorry about the quality of the pictures… again. If only they were bigger!! And apologies in advanced for tomorrow’s. I will get better at this blogging lark eventually! Tomorrow’s dish was the Fruity Lebanese Lamb. Dare I say it, it might have even been better than the prawns!! By the way, if there’s any veggies doing this, HelloFresh also do a fab veggie range!

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