HelloFresh Week: Nutty Crusted Chicken

(This is what I first saw when I opened the box)

So, this week i’m going to do a post every day showing you what this wonderful HelloFresh box has given me. I’ve got to say, I would already highly recommend it! I didn’t really understand how all the ingredients would be delivered, but I was surprised when it turned up! There were five packages, and one big bag that was insulated inside which was also full of goodies. The bags were numbered, and in the box also came 5 A4 cards with the instructions on how to make each each recipe, including pictures! The first meal I made was so easy to follow, and it really didn’t take too long. I may or may not have been so so hungry that I forgot to take some pictures, but I did get the majority of it all in. So, here’s how the delisciousness that was the nutty crusted chicken recipe went down! (I’m not Gordon Ramsey, so presentation is not my forte!) Also, apologies for the size of the pictures. This is my first rodeo with something like this, and the picture size wasn’t set up right 🙁 Future posts will have the right size!!


The packaging is sooo cute!! Inside is little packages with the majority of the ingredients that I needed. In the big bag I talked about that went in the fridge, were the rest of the ingredients. So the crème fraîche and the chicken! I know the picture is poor, so it came with walnuts, potatoes, tender stem broccoli, tarragon, rosemary, and panko breadcrumbs.   

       The first few steps involved chopping the walnuts into fine bits. Although chopping them was really hard, and I would really recommend keeping them in their packaging, and bashing them with a rolling pin to get the finer breadcrumb consistency! The, the potatoes had to be chopped into roughly 2cm (I obviously didn’t measure). Then the rosemary had to be added. I accidentally added all the rosemary to the potatoes, rather than half! They were then place into the oven that was preheated to 200 degrees. Then, the chicken was to be cut through the side to open it out like a book, with olive oil drizzled over. Then, you had to combine the walnuts with the panko breadcrumbs, and the rest of the rosemary. I just used some out of the cupboard! Rub the mixture over the chicken, and pop in the oven to cook!


Then, I had to place the broccoli onto a baking tray, and I chose to drizzle some olive oil and season with salt and pepper. In a bowel, I combined all of the pack of crème fraîche, even though it did say half… i’m honestly terrible at missing bits of instructions!! Combine it with the tarragon and some salt and pepper, and set it aside until the rest is cooked. The broccolli was put in the oven, and then it was all one big waiting game until it was cook. Which didn’t take long. All in all, cooking time was 30 mins. Which felt like 30 hours because I honestly was starving and drooling over the smell of the cooking!

I am soooo annoyed at the quality, and hope that tomorrow’s is better. But here is the finished product. Everything about this meal was yummy, and I could eat it all again now! Easy to make, quick to make, and so many flavors that work well together. So far, HelloFresh has my backing! The pictures don’t do any of this justice, but hey ho, it’s my first attempt! Tomorrow’s post will be the garlic prawns… which were out of this world!

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