My Crazy Life & Where It’s Taking Me

So, this is my first official post back into the blogging world. My blog is something that I have paid for, and neglected, for far too long now. But, my life is about to go through a big change, and I think it’s about time I start documenting it all! My life has been pretty hectic this year, so finding the time to actually write a post, even though I really have wanted to!!! has been pretty hard. My close friends will say i’m always on the go, and whether I like it or not (I don’t), it’s my crazy life!

So, I don’t want to make this post too long, all I want to do is reintroduce myself back into the blogging world. My year has been fab, with the best people by my side, but the things I have planned for the next few months are going to be even better. I don’t want to bore you with a big post that isn’t really about anything, other than me getting back into something that I really enjoy. So, i’ll give you an overview of what i’ve been up to, and what i’ve got planned in the next few months! Over the next few weeks, i’ll put it all into posts to share with you 🙂

Highlights So Far:

My big 21st!

Finishing college & getting accepted onto a children’s nursing course!!!


Spain with the girls

What The Future Holds:

Enough relaxation to bore a sloth

Leeds Festival

Bali (If I survive the flight… 18 hours!!!!)

Starting my new journey as a children’s nurse

So, those are the major events I have planned at the minute, but I know there will be little bits in between that I can’t wait to show you all… I just don’t know what they are yet! My crazy life brings crazy situations, and I can’t wait to share them with you all! Next week, i’ll be doing a post a day reviewing my first ever Hello Fresh box! There’s an offer on at the minute using the code LABUD. Five meals for two people is £12.50 per person, which I thought was a bargain. Let’s just hope I can cook it!

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