Tenerife: Our Best Trip so Far

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So, I had a number of post ideas in my head, but thought blogging about my recent trip to Tenerife was a good way to start. There was so many happy memories made. And many bottles of after sun used. We went for 11 nights, and stayed all inclusive at the Marylanza Suites and Spa resort in Playa De Las Americas. The room was lovely, apart from the first night where what seemed like the whole cast on A Bugs Life moved in. But the hotel were quick to sort it out, and all was lovely for the remainder, we also had a kitchenette which was fab. To say I was happy to be all inclusive is an understatement. Many times did I stumble out of the buffet wondering who I thought I was trying to eat so much food, only to repeat again the next night. We booked through Thomson, and there were Thomson reps at the hotel to help book any excursions, or for general advice which was handy.

We filled our holiday with loads of excursions. So much so I could be here boring you all for days. So i’ll pick out the best 3. The best by far for me was the buggy ride up to Mt. Teide. Initially my boyfriend was hoping to drive. But since the idiot got his licence took off him for a year, they were having non of it. I was not mentally prepared for having to drive in Tenerife. Spanish people are just pyscho’s on the road. Its like they could smell my fear. But once up in the mountains the roads were clearer, and the views were just amazing. Our tour guide was so friendly and made the experience even better. The whole day lasted around 4 and a half hours, and included lunch which is always a bonus.

6000ft up with views of La Palma!

The whale and dolphin watching would definitely be a close second to the buggy tour. It was another half a day event, and the weather was so nice. We left the bay and went a few miles out to an area where they found some whales. We were so close, and to see them in their natural habitat was something that’s truly amazing. Lunch was included again… I swear we didn’t just do one’s that came with free food… but it was a lovely buffet, with a hint of sea spray. There was also a place to stop off and swim with the fish, although I opted out of this as one of the crew was throwing bread into the water sending the fish crazy. Not my scene. We got some incredible pictures and it really was a memory to keep forever. Don’t mind the picture of me below, I was over a week deep into the all inclusive, I may have put on a few pounds.




The third best for me would have to be the infamous Siam Park. Everyone I spoke to before heading to Tenerife said this was the main event. I was far too scared to go on the Tower of Power ride, and my boyfriend was too scared to go on what seemed like every slide. So we spent most of the day on the lazy river and the easy rides. The lazy river was the best I’ve ever been on. After lazing for a bit, you go down a slide, then slow down through a tunnel with sharks going over head, which was pretty cool to be honest. The park itself was huge with loads to do. And the food wasn’t so bad either, like all waterparks though, it was a bit pricey. I didn’t get an pictures of this day, but just imagine it being great and filled with slides and water.

As well as filling the days with amazingness, we also had some pretty nice meals out, and far too many drinks down veronicas strip where we met the coolest group of people. Our other excursions were a submarine dive, Loro Parque, mini golfing, a spa day and some chill days along the way. To save myself rambling any further, here’s our holiday in pictures.


Thanks for reading! x

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